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Oh geez

I loved this comic. I read it at least like 15 times through. And at the end every single time, I am disappointed. Ian left us at the climax of the adventure. Right before the Final Boss. For gamers like us, that's just...wrong. You don't play through the entire FFVII to just quit before Sephiroth! This comic made me laugh, made me cry. The most intimate moments were the sad parts: when Reka was killed, when Cherry raged over Diane's kissing Hero, everything else. It's the only comic that captured my full attention when reading it. It was a whole new world with Hero. Ironic that I finished my first read the day after Ian's last post.
Is anybody a good enough artist to take up Ian's part? My friends have told me that I can draw pretty well (I might upload some sketches of RPG World later), but I'm afraid of doing anything like was Ian did. He was like a god in the webcomic world.
Rock on, RPG World. You'll always be the greatest comic ever.

Also, does anybody want to make a facebook group/fanpage for RPGWorld? That'd be intense.

aaaand there you have my 2 minute sketch of Diane: websurfer09.deviantart.com/art/Diane-RPG-World-Comic-149146575
also, remember this guy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEpNbkzachY
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