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A thought [Jun. 10th, 2011|10:52 am]


[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

I've been reading what some people have said about how they thought RPGW would end and I gotta say alot of them make sense like having the time machine come into it after the heroes initially lose. I've been thinking that maybe I could make an unofficial ending to RPGW. So a few questions: would Ian be ok with it or would he get mad? Would anyone mind seeing the ending made by others or would they prefer either Ian finishes it or no-one finishes it? And would anyone like to help me write the ending? It would be good to get feedback on this idea and if anyone knows how I can contact Ian directly to run this idea by him that would be great.

[User Picture]From: cmot_dribbler
2011-06-10 10:04 am (UTC)
I am all for seeing RPGw Finished.
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[User Picture]From: omgimsuchadork
2011-06-10 12:21 pm (UTC)
would Ian be ok with it or would he get mad?

Wouldn't this just fall under fanart/fanfic?
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: randvek
2011-06-12 08:01 am (UTC)
I'm not even sure he had an ending planned. Like a Squaresoft game circa 1998, the wheels just kinda came off at the end and the plot got messy and confusing.

But hey, maybe that was just a very convincing parody.
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From: shadowsharkds
2011-11-23 11:43 pm (UTC)

how rpg world should end maybe

well oficialy if you make and ending of the story it would be a fanffic because it wasent made by ian onles he declared that ending as the official ending and aim accctualy making my own version of the story but in my case y think that y would sstirr the comic a litle more because ther are two maany plotholes that hasentt been fill like what are the other two kies are there bookss also or they are somthing else whos the real leader of southcorp the hero still dosent understan naither he knows anithing abouth hiss special powers the rest of the party members should guet thos ssame beads for there weapons if therre is an evvil group leaded by mmoonssterss aand another byy humanns there shouldby one leade by eelves and the wholl point of the sstory is that they live in aa videogame which means that the bad guyss final plot most ocur so then thee heros can defeated later but in order tho work tre of them sshould die sso somee ssort of plot devicee thatt would allow the blaack moon to ocurr wwhitout them losssing their lives sshould hapen becaue it allwais hapenss in the videogaammes and if hero poses and especial power then the otther two should also poses a special power among other thingss and ai think that a final bos figth is yust too short to fill all of this plotholes becauesse tring tho do that would mermate all the accion that has to be seen dduring a fiinal bos fight y would prefer tho make an story wwere they fight and ssomehow tthee blacck moon projectt beginss without the sacrafice of the soulss of the neded characters andd theen for ssome reason ttheey hhaave too retreat and then after some more missionss here and there they hhabee a real final boss fight after all the plotholes have ben properly filed
pd: sorry formy bad hanwriting y am from cchhile so im not bery good writing in englissh
pd of pd: if you haave a coment about my coment posstet here or you can make a new posst about thiss in thiss web page
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[User Picture]From: axel_comics
2011-11-24 01:49 pm (UTC)

Re: how rpg world should end maybe

You've made some good points for me to consider. I am actually trying to tie up all the loose ends but it's harder than I thought it would be :P. Also, I'm glad you're planning an ending. Maybe, when we both get our endings going, we can compare them? It would be interesting to see how two different people can take the same material and come out with different endings :D.
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From: shadowsharkds
2011-11-26 10:20 pm (UTC)

Re: how rpg world should end maybe

yeah it would be a great aidea once y learn how to draw becauesa aim 18 and yet y draw like y havve 4 right now in mi ending y decided to make the ending in my own way so tthe story isn an imitation of ians style but its my own story whit my own plans because i think that tring to meke the ending the same wayy tthat ian ccould havve tried would be the same as stealing hiss ideas from himee so mi ending for rpg world would ve made whit my own iddias ssome of them y my take them based on ssome of hiss comic and others would be my own creation for eexample y haave plan to begin whit the characters godd and evils floating in aan endles voidd asking theemselves wwen they whill restar their story they would make some recap about the last strips posted during 2007 that wer filer whithout nowing that it has ben ober 6 years since the last ccomic related thho the story ocured y am not takin into cosideration the fillers of 2007 because they are non canon tho the mayn story cherry like always while sttaart complaining like alwayss about how nothing makes sense then the comic would go back to the las stryp that was related tthho the mayn story and then they were sudenly send tho an endles void they traid tho fight but the combat menues didnt apear sso they thought itt was a cutssene then one of the bad guys atacked one of the good guayss but he couldnt use his powers so he tri a more ccloser aproch but it didnt do anithing son they realise that as long as they were there they wouldnt be ablle to use ther thecniques because they didnt even have ther wepons andd they couldn even hurt themselves hero obiusly would act like an iddiott like always being all hapy there beecausse he wouldd be able too fight as much as he wants whithout ding or ssofering a fatal injur tthen some time later they release they thought that they could finaly restar the batle but they noticed that the bad guyss weren there and they were in a thotal ddiferent place and ssoon after that they were foorce tho do the filer episodes whit the promisse to restart the batle after that but after the comiicss they were ssent back tho the void andd vecause time rrunns complitli diferent in aa game and didnt check the date of publication they jusst thaught a couple of wekkss havee pas and its stel 2005 wen we are olready in 2011 son 2012
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From: shadowsharkds
2011-11-26 10:22 pm (UTC)
sorry me again actually y have more but because their is a limit in words y have to make a separete comen so here it gos:then a comic version of mi apears and explainssthem the situaation and sais that he well finishh the game so he/y left the place annd they are sent back to dde place for the main batle wer y stop them thelig them that tere is a great problem the game is so old and it hasent ben used for sso long that the console and the game were abouut too explode so he/me takes them out of the game after ssolfing the plot of the deat of one of hiss companions aand provviiding a sourcee to activate the black moon of course while bein help by hero because he alsoo wantss to advance the plot and onse thaats finisshed they would all guet out of the game hero would be sad that terewas no final bos fight because iit was all a cutsene youst to finnd out that y was going tho sendd them back becausse there are manny plotholes tthat hhavent ven filed especificaly the ones that y listed plus somthing else that y mai ocur so yy go tho a computher (everithing would posted as comic because y tthink y would look sstupidd using pictures of misself) just to find out that ther are not to many ssites who poses the game but hhero would then have pointed that even if y guet tthee same game ther save files have ben los meaning that they wouldd have to ddo everitig again then ccherry would have go on about thee irrational pointss stated by hero but the my character would have tell them in case of a situattion like that he conected a consol to a maachine that made aa copy of the save files buut becuse the game was splited in tre cds and they were sso hebyy ant in a bad shape he could only recomer ssmall parts of data regardin the locationss and minor characters because onlyy importan characters were send tho the void were they were ssafe for the damage in the cds and if it wasent for dat he yous would hhaavve downloaded an emulator and play the game in his coomputer so after the conversation is ovver he/me sstart loking for tthe game but all the links are broken and in the last one there is a mesage that laughs of him so in an outbuers he/ you guet the point blast thee computer with a weapon and then he decides to call some eexpertss in pprogrramin whit the intenttion of giving them the task of making a new game for this part y have planed to make cameos of characters of other comic sstripss like adveenturers becausse they alredy make aa crosover were karrn would laught att hheroos face on how come thatt they havent finished ther sstory he would aalso brag aboutt his new powers like truht buster and infinit buster anntti hero for hire beecausse it was mmade by the same person who mmake advennturerss annd a character of aa comic sstrip call bobb and george the comic strip because oone of the main characters bob is an expert in computhers pluss hhe iis evil whhichh could be used to create a plot for tthe story taht is wat y habe about now aim chequing tv programs( specialy anime and tokusatsu) movies videogames and oother ssources in the lokk for mor ideas bie for now
and dont forget too coment about tthiss
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