Greetings All

A hearty hello to all my fellow RPG World fans, be they young, old, or having a mid-life crisis.

I just wanted to introduce myself as I've been doing a bit of a self-run RPG World project. I don't want to speak much on it yet (it's fledgling, after all), but I'm laying the groundwork and I need help.

I'm currently trying to redig up the old archives of RPG World. I'm making good headway via the Wayback Machine, but I may end up with some missing holes. If anyone has a good archive of your own, let me know. I'll need all the help I can get.

I have my own copy of RPG World Vol. 1 to rely on for the really early stuff, but anything past that's proving difficult from time to time. I'll post a list of what I need when I finish compiling.

I also need some fun avatars. That will probably be lifted from the comic in time. =P

Later guys. Nice to meet you all. <3

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As I usualy do I checked the rpg world website. See for yourselves!
Calming down, ok. I saved some of my favourite comics onto my computer. about 6 comics and 3 images. I also have all the rpg world wallpapers. If you have any WE NEED THEM.
*sigh* times are tough.
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Ideas and references

Hi. It's already been four years of reading RPG World over and over and I still find it funny and interesting. But the fact it doesn't have a proper ending spoils the whole thing. I think the best way to end it is how we expect it to end. Of course, not all of us can agree it will end the same way, so please post how you thought it would end. I expected to see Reka revive, or hero get really shiny-glowy and beat the bad guys. But this could make it to boring. We could also add a little spice, like another main character death or the Anima del Breaker in action. I've got ideas, the problem is, I'm crap drawing.

Okay, so don't ask me how I found it but here's a website that links most references to RPG World. Oh, and don't rad the stuff above if you don't want to. It's thick.
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I checked up on the comic like I do every week and ... it's not there anymore. It's some regular ol' domain registering page. I thought (way back in September) there was going to be a non-Ian revival. Is this the final nail in the coffin? ;-; [/yelling "FIRE!" in a movie theatre]
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Hello all, I (admittedly) am new to RPG World forums, and community.  Although I may have only found RPGW a week ago, I am already a diehard fan, and am heartbroken to see it unfinished.  Although I may not be the most epic artist ever (though better than some, prolly not better than many), I wish to contribute, if possible and if needed, to the rebirth of RPGW.

On other news, I found another reference to RPG World in Mac Hall (a reference I don't remember Ian sending a link for).

A very Hero like outfit and what seems to be a first edition Cherry outfit  XD.

Hope to get to know everyone better,

A fond farewell

Okay, so anyone still coming here probably already knows that Ian has offically announced that RPGWorld will never be updated by himself again, but he is letting others continue his work.  So I got a two fold request here.

1) if you do pick it up, please don't do what the person below is suggesting (no offense, just my humble request).  Please stay true to what Ian was planning and the tone and pace he has developed for these characters.  Despite his own personal beliefs, RPGWorld has done an amazing job of developing the characters and weaving an intricate and fascinating plot.  Please don't revert it back to the beginning.

2) I thought it would be really cool if we gave Ian a fond send off (if he ever checks this place anymore) by posting all the webcomics that RPGWorld references can be found in with a little picture of the reference.  I don't know if that's possible or not with LJ so if you can't just give the url with a description of where the reference can be found.

For example: Order of the Sick #213 first panel, lower left hand side. "Sigh... Times are tough" 

or, my preference just an image of the reference panel.

(make sure to read this from the beginning at

RPGWorld made a huge impact on the webcomic community for it's humor, it's plot, and it's originality.

If you continue the work, please, make certain it stays that way for all of us fans!

I'm writing for RPGW and I don't care if it's used or not.

Seriously... the plot got kind of bland.

It just got much too complex and such, and now I feel like we've rushed too fast to the final boss.

I have a funny way to clear things up... or just throw the story to the wayside and literally "start fresh."

Jim (from the little mini-series between discs) comes back from having a "life". He decides to pick up where he left off after three years... only to find his friend came home drunk and broke up his DC and his memory card. Luckily, the discs are safe.

He now has to start from the beginning... or does he? He has... GAME WHALE CHEATS!!!

There our story will pick up... from somewhere... I guess. I'm still working on a script. Give me time.




Hey, everyone, check out the site today.

No, seriously.

But if you don't believe me (or are lazy), there's some nummy copypasta for you behind Collapse )

I already e-mailed; I'd love to see a revival (or an end? Possibly?) to this madness, if only for my favorite character's sake. :D

RPG World Comic found it's way back to the front of my mind

So, I recently got out my ol' copy of RPG World Comic book volume 1 recently, and started reading through it again. This turned into me flipping back to several pages a good amount of times throughout the day, every day, for the past week.

I went on to the website today, hoping that maybe it had been updated, but found that it wasn't.

That's cool though, because it gave me a chance to run through the archives. After reading through the archives again I fell back in love with the series. RPG World Comic has always had a special place in my heart. Although it wasn't the first webcomic I stumbled across, it did make second place. And of course, as mushy as it sounds, first place in my heart. I remember when I first started reading, back in my high school years, just starting out in a whole new school with new people and friends. It was a bright, shining beacon of my teenage years (although I am still technically a teenager at my current age, 17, but you know what I mean) and it would always bring me a big smile, three times a week.

At the time I had a lot of webcomics on my plate that I tried to keep up with, but I always savored RPG World Comic the most out of the lot. I loved the writing, the art style, the heroes, the villains. They all had a brilliant back story, a unique personality, and would always make me wish that an RPG would come out that would leave a bit of space in them for this kind of comedy.

RPG World Comic was the web comic that even inspired me to pick up the mighty weapon called the pencil, and try my hand at doing a web comic. Although I didn't successfully crack into that business, what with things in my life taking up too much time, RPG World even now makes me want to pick up a pencil and try banging out a few comical characters and witty punch lines. It has always been a great inspiration, and will continue to do so, even as I grow older, and hopefully make it into the web comic business.

Ian J, you brought a lot of happiness to so many fans, and I am one of them. Your work inspired, brightened, and touched many people. I do hope you succeed in whatever it is you try to accomplish, because you truly do deserve it. Thank you for making a part of my life so much better because of it.